What We Provide

Project PTSD Safe is here to consult your team during event planning and promotion to ensure that veterans with PTSD can enjoy their experience. Simple communication or trigger warnings are often all that is needed to make your event PTSD-friendly. We can consult you with knowledge about PTSD, triggers, and what to do if you encounter someone struggling with PTSD at your event. We can also provide recommendations on effectively communicating trigger warnings to your attendees. Our goal is to help you ensure that veterans can enjoy their experience as all other attendees do.


• Resources to learn more about PTSD
• Explanation of experiences that can be triggering
• Tips to consider when planning for veterans/PTSD attendee
• Actions staff can take to assist if they encounter someone struggling with PTSD
• Proper communication tactics when promoting your event internally and externally
• 30-minute consultations or discussions with your business and staff on preparation and promotion of PTSD-friendly communications and environments

Downloadable Resources

Assisting a Veteran with PTSD in Your Home
PTSD Criteria
Helping a Veteran Experiencing Anxiety and Dissociation

Other PTSD Resources

Veterans Affairs – PTSD Help

NAMI Nebraska for Veterans

At East USA (Nebraska)

The Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska

Disability Rights Nebraska – Veteran Resources

Lutheran Family Services – Veterans Services

Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska (BHECN)

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