Who We Are

We are a father-daughter team with a passion to help spread awareness about mental health for soldiers and veterans. We hope to help events and public spaces become safer for those suffering from PTSD in regards to taking their triggers into consideration. As the husband and daughter to a lifelong war veteran, we are familiar with the daily PTSD struggles veterans, soldiers and their families face. We know the items to consider when managing public events to ensure the proper promotion of triggering environments as well as managing the safety of an attendee who might be triggered. Daniel has experience as a veteran and licensed counselor, while Dominique has experience in business, communications, advocacy and marketing. Together, they make the perfect consultation team for your business, colleagues or organizations on veterans and soldiers with PTSD needs.

Daniel Whitehead Sr., LIMHP and LPC – Mental Health Director

Daniel is a retired Airforce Veteran and an Independently Licensed Mental Health Practitioner working in Omaha Nebraska. Daniel initially worked in the District 66 Special Education Department while finishing his master’s degree at the University of Oklahoma. From there he spent six years at Children’s Square USA as a Clinical Case Manager specializing with delinquent boys aged 12-18. He achieved an 85% youth graduation success rate there. He transitioned into private practice with a small agency specializing in home-based therapy for youth throughout Omaha. He also taught anger management classes in Omaha Public Schools through the Safe Program. Since 2002, Daniel has been working with Douglas County Corrections providing cognitive-based classes to both male and female inmates with substance abuse problems. In 2016, he began providing pro-bono counseling services to incarcerated veterans with trauma issues in addition to his regular teaching duties. He is certified to provide substance abuse evaluations, training in the Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale (CAFAS). He is also EMDR trained. Daniel taught counselor education classes at Iowa Western Community College for sixteen years and is currently an Adjunct Professor at Bellevue University. As a husband and father of veterans with PTSD, bringing awareness to this cause has become his passion.

Dominique Whitehead – Communications and Advocacy Strategy

Dominique started her career 14 years ago as a journalist and currently has 10 years of strategic B2B and B2C marketing experience under her belt. She has been involved in communications, digital and traditional strategies and tactical marketing execution for a variety of national, regional and local brands in industries including indie film, nonprofit causes, healthcare, collegiate sports, the financial sector, agriculture, education, consumer products, IT/healthcare staffing, real estate, restaurants, app technologies and more. She also has experience with nonprofit event planning, promotion, and execution. She currently works in marketing and promotions for the nonprofit healthcare sector while actively participating in several intersectional advocacy efforts on a local level and with national task forces whose activities include issue amplification, public organization for policy change, and community education.

Our Veteran

Hilda served her country in several capacities for 35 years, in 20 different countries and two wars. Military service has always been in her blood and a dream of hers since she was a child. In 2014, Hilda was involved in two separate bombings in Afghanistan that resulted in her living with the effects of a traumatic brain injury. She also lives with PTSD. While she is now retired, she supports the military community and other veterans in any way she can. It’s important to her that others know it’s possible to overcome anything.

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